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Can buildings make a difference to preschool children’s lives? It seems an obvious question: of course buildings affect the way we all live. Indeed, there’s not just theoretical evidence that pre-school children with access to intriguing, interesting environments do a great deal better than those stuck in ill-adapted old buildings that are cold and unwelcoming and their carers are happier too……..there’s very real environments where it actually happens now!!

Since its foundation Marmui Architecture has had the enviable experience of ‘top table’ involvement in the Building Schools For the Future programme which included both new build and remodelled Special Needs, Early Learning, Primary, Secondary and Post 16 facilities..…as well as considerable involvement in the Independent sector.

In such a collaborative environment we have been able to inspire and enthuse by exploring the absolute power of design and how it could make a positive contribution to the everyday lives of both learners and teachers alike. Rich in content, bright, engaging and relevant our work has fully utilised child-centric concepts such as ‘Learning through Play’ or using design as a significant behavioural tool.

Children’s needs should always be at the heart of the design so it follows to think long term and sustainably and offer a package of integrated family services under one roof or via one entry point. Indeed our trans disciplinary approach has been recognised when, amongst others, The Nightingale Nursery in Hackney won the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Special Award for Innovation and Excellence and our founder was invited to be  an exemplar designer for the government’s Neighbourhood Nurseries Initiative.

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Marmui Architecture is a creative, award winning design-led studio for when you are not willing to compromise on your dreams.

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