The Lighthouse Resort

ClientSicilian Heritage Protection
Build ValueTBC
GEFA (m2)3000

Wider context

Mark Muir Architecture were invited to submit a proposal for the abandoned Lighthouse in Murro di Porco Hotel competition by the government-funded heritage protection project – in partnership with Rimini Fiera, Agenzia del Demanio from the Italian government.

The brief asked to imagine ways to adapt the abandoned structures and surrounding area., The  challenge was to let the beauty of this remote place fascinate. Our approach centred around a futures by transforming it into tourism facilities beyond compare and to make tits protection and conservation highly sustainable.

Site Description

The lighthouse of Murro di Porco is a 19th-century building of the Borbonic period on a wild coast characterised by a steep cliff and harsh vegetation. The surrounding landscape consists of turbulent elements of intense color and deep meaning. Their ancestral forms seem uninterested, distant, even hostile to human activities.

Overall design approach and form

Firstly, the landscape is to be zones by defining large sweeping cross site thresholds. These not only mark progress through from point of entry to point of arrival at the resort but appeal to the sense and initiate movement towards the lighthouse……. finally to the wild rocks and salt water leisure pools.Text BoxThresholds (lemons, lavender, trees) begin from the west entrance and lead to a permeable curtain (running north south) of structures that protects a newly defined “inside” albeit on the edge of newly defined outside or shoreline. Between these lies the exclusivity of the resort.The resort is composed of islands of activities centred around yearly use i.e. community, resident guests and day visitors. A closed network of light footpaths, defined by the lighthouse’s loop trajectories,  seemingly balanced above the wild rocks,  connect an organic bracelet of structures that feel like they have been there forever.The layout of the space is designed to create a network of uses: (the residents of the studios and the villas; the community spaces (restaurant, spa, conference/meeting room facilities, bears, pools) and the lighthouse  galleries and site visitors.

The lighthouse’s redefined public space becomes the intersection point of all routes , through which the utopia of the lighthouse resort’s significance is realised. The random meeting of people that would have never met otherwise but are connected by their pursuit of euphoria of senses.

Following the landscapes contours, the guest villas are laid out to be concealed from the public eye whilst all having unique and unimpeded views of the Mediteranean. The resort’s public areas combine together in a triangular atrium also with unexpected and framed views of rocks and the sea.

Pools are located within the craggy landscape offsetting it above the ground.