The Garden House

Client Private
StatusCompletion expected June 2018
Build Value Confidential 
GiFA 205 sqm

Wider context

The proposal constitutes the provision of a two storey dwelling with an overall Gross Internal Floor Area of 255 sq m. Off road parking is provided for two cars along with a separate pedestrian gate and cycle rack for two bikes

Site Description

Heaton Moor is in the North West of Stockport only 6 miles from Manchester airport. The site itself is located just within the Heaton Moor Conservation Area.The site itself comprises an area of approximately 21 x 22m (455 m2)with the entire length of its East boundary fronting directly on to the main road, Alan Road.2.2.1 The site is essentially flat but approx. 500mm above the Alan Road pavement level.

Overall design approach and form

The proposal’s location and massing take their lead from a traditional coach house and respect the notional building lines set up by the existing urban grain. Furthermore the two storey L shaped Coach House lessens any negative impact on its neighbours by either turning or pushing the two storey wings away from the Alan Road frontage. With the built form pushed away from No 6 Cliton Road and pushed back from Alan Road a garden space can be created and the open landscaped character of the street is maintained. It also keeps the amenity space (garden) free from vehicular intrusion. The overall massing has been reduced significantly by a) breaking the dwelling into two wings connected by a transparent meet and greet space or central Hall and b) utilising a flat roof on each wing with renewable energy receptors ( photo voltaics) facing South.The upper super structure wings appear to float over the Ground Floor functions. Both wings are executed
with contemporary materials and simplicity of detailing. 5.9.1 The lower floor has been designed as a plinth and is executed in fairfaced brickwork. Render is used above on the South wing whilst red ochre zinc picks out the South wing.

Eco Cred:

Designing to Level 5 of the Code For Sustainable Homes standards to reduce the energy consumption of the new dwelling ( higher levels of insulation, infiltration rates and mixed mode heating and ventilation systems); Air source heat pump (new unit sited adjacent to the new Recycling Centre); Roof mounted photo voltaic panels (over North Wing) and solar thermal system, Rain water harvesting and EA approved foul water dispersal.