Wider context

A replacement house designed specifically to maximise independence into retirement for the present owners and provide an immersive experience of nature as it sits adjacent to Forestry Commission to the East of Cobham in Surrey.

Site Description

The site is 0.3acre and has a slight but constant fall from South to North( i.e. entrance gate to bottom of garden)

Overall design approach and form

Picking up the end of the ‘dwellings arc’ Pearson House addresses head-on the damp, cold and dark complaints levied against the existing dwelling. The new house has therefore been located tight up to the East boundary and orientated, or opened out, to capture the best of the sun’s light and warmth as and when it becomes available during the respective season and day.
Zones of (increasing) privacy have been set up by providing Living functions on the Ground Floor and Sleeping on the first. Great care has been taken to frame ‘views of nature’ from all areas within as well as parts of the Ground Floor being made transparent to encourage penetration of natural light from the outside.
Once through the storm lobby the double height meet and greet space affords access to Cloakrooms, Living Areas and vertical circulation (including a lift).The oversailing roofs assist with the unwanted environmental aspects from West and East and large areas of glazing in the Day Room support the immersive nature of the house. The new contemporary and highly sustainable dwelling provides a meaningful bookend between development zone and edge of countryside, as well as making the house much more accessible for the owners in the long term.
Tactile surfaces (slate spine and untreated timber cladding) contrast against the crisp, rendered detailing of the entrance block. Differing surface treatments add unusual sounds( crunchy gravel, patio slab and timber decking) and combine with new planting areas ( increased smell and touch) to provide an altogether unforgettable sensory experience.

Points of Interest

Great care has been taken to ensure the future health of the specimen trees running around the curtilage of the site. The Abbey Pynford TRPS (Tree Root Protection Service)method of cantilevering the house over existing mature tree root stock has been agreed with the Local Authority along the Eastern boundary

Eco Cred: Photo voltaics (4kW system); Grey water recycling; Air source heat pumps to provide hot water; Low Energy LED lighting throughout; Underfloor heating; solar glass to thin framed doors; whole house mixed mode heating and ventilation recovery system; FSC certified timber throughout; increased biodiversity measures in landscape.