Eden Lakes Resort

Build Value c £1.8million
GEFA (m2)3000
Contractor General Contractor For Shell and Core plus managed supply chain

Wider context

Working in such a beautiful and unspoilt location the site demanded a low impact, contextual fit., The  challenge was to let the beauty of this unspoilt place fascinate. Our approach centred around a future by transforming it into an exclusive high end tourist facility centred around a love of ature and freshwater fishing. At Eden Lakes, eight Lodges are planned around an incredibly rich natural environment but are connected by a series of ‘discoveries’ thus providing an inherent WAYFINDING system – even the owners accommodation is part of this experience. All new structures use local MATERIALS which sit effortlessly within context and combine with tactile surfaces and sensory zones to define visitor routes. Textures (vertical and horizontal) combine with sensory change (planting the nature trails and wildlife habitats) to further enhance the zonal functions

Site Description

Part of a disused farm fifteen acres set within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and part SSSI ( Site Special Scientific Interest) complete with carp, otters and an abundance of wildlife.