modern home design

Wider context

The proposal is for the replacement of an existing two storey residential dwelling with a four storey block of flats at 20 Dukes Avenue, in New Malden. 1.3 The scheme will provide 4 new flats ranging in area from 50 to 75 sq.m. The existing garage building in the rear is planned to be retained as a closed two parking space dwelling.

Site Description

The site (397 sq m) is just outside the New Malden District Centre located within 5 minutes walk of New Malden Train Station. The dwelling to be replaced consists of a 1960s 2 storey detached property that is composed of two flats. Its frontage is on Dukes Avenue. The plot directly abuts the railway embankment of new Malden Station to the north, Dukes Avenue to the south, a multi-storey parking building to the west and a detached 50-70 year old residence to the east. It is a rectangular shaped site , its depth being significantly bigger than its frontage, as is the case in all the plots
of Dukes Avenue leading to Beverley Park.

Overall design approach and form

Due to the rectangular shape and the overall dimensions of the site, it’s proposed to build in full width from upper ground floor and above, in order to maintain the building line of the streetscape on the front and the existing building line in the rear. in this aspect, the floor
areas of upper ground floor will potentially have the appropriate size for 3-bedroom apartments, as suggested by the London Plan. The recessed volume in the front will ensure that there will be no impact on N.22 in terms of amenity/privacy. By sinking the ground floor level 0.5m below street level and careful consideration of rights to light of its close neighbour, currently much lower than any other building along Dukes Avenue, the proposal carefully knits together a response from both West and East. West- It takes its
lead from the cantilevered planes of the 5-storey park.The top (4th) floor) is recessed and
differentiated from main core materials so that its volume resides in the background of the streetscape.

Points of Interest

Eco Cred: The development has been designed to mitigate carbon emissions from the use of fossil fuel energy to heat and power the buildings on site. This is demonstrated by
both meeting the energy requirements for Level 4 under the Code for Sustainable Homes, and by a 20% reduction in site residual CO2 emissions through a combination of improvements to the energy efficiency of the building fabric and services.