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Marmui Living

Regardless of size, scale or budget our approach to all residential projects is to primarily understand the client’s vision and then work very hard to explore options to find a living space that exceeds expectations yet remain practical.

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Marmui Learning

Can buildings make a difference to preschool children’s lives? It seems an obvious question: of course buildings affect the way we all live. Indeed, there’s not just theoretical evidence that pre-school children with access to intriguing…

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Marmui Leisure

As holidays have evolved into self-catered affairs and operators seek to increase occupancy rates, following the global recession, there has been an opposite rising demand among discerning travellers for truly authentic experiences.

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About Marmui

Marmui Architecture is a creative, award winning design-led studio for when you are not willing to compromise on your dreams.

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3 Barnfield Crescent, Exeter, EX1 1QT Phone:01395 875875 Email:mail@marmui.co.uk

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