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When it comes to creating a dream home most people simply don’t know where to start. If you’re thinking of building a new house or taking on a major renovation then you’re in the right place.

Our unique 7 step process is designed to inspire and empower you to realise your dream home.

Do you have the desire and vision to live in an environment where you can really connect with what’s important in your life, where you belong, where you are taken seriously and with immense pride to “call your home”. Have you been harbouring an inkling in the back of your mind to create this vision? Maybe this itch has grown into a need or desire you can no longer ignore? Perhaps you’ve never quite been able to identify exactly what you wanted to achieve or the fear of ‘where to start’ and ‘how to do?’ has held you back.

Being absolutely clear about what you want to achieve, should be an inspiring and motivational process and all it takes is one day of your time.

Now is the time

to realise your dream

Why Wait?

People often ask us how they can ever start the seemingly impossible task of building their all-new home. “Just begin” is our response. Forget the stress and anxiety of how to get started. In just one hassle-free Inspiration Day together, we’ll begin at the point where everything is a possibility.

It's Your Day

Your personal Inspiration Day is all about you and your ideas. So we come to you and we listen to you. We get to know you and your lifestyle, the building constraints you have and, most importantly, what will make you happy in your home. Then, we help visualise this for you. We also provide clarity about the likely costs, timescales and materials required.

No more day dreaming

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see how that uninspiring plot could be transformed into your very own eco home? What about the loft conversion that makes a perfect space for your growing family? Or extending the kitchen to lead straight onto your beautiful garden? Whether you’re building an entirely new house, remodelling an old one or adding an extension, one Inspiration Day is all it takes to bring it all to life.



About you

Your Inspiration Day begins with us understanding a bit more about you. You are the heart of the project so it’s only right that we start there. To bring to life the vision of your dream home, we find out all about you, your lifestyle and what makes you tick.


Your ideas

Approaching the mid-point of the Inspiration Day, this is where we really unleash your imagination. We review your ‘homework’ to get a true sense of your personal preferences. We talk through all those design ideas you may have held on to for years. We then explore how you want your home to feel and the essentials you want reflected in your design


Time, Quality & Cost

This concept design stage allows us to predict the essentials of the build: namely time; how long does it take? Cost; pricing and alternative methods and finally quality; the scope of specification. If these elements have stopped you from moving forward in the past then this is the point at which you will see just what’s possible. If you have a budget or deadline in mind then we will discuss the best options for you. We also look at the practicalities and how you can keep everything as straightforward as possible.


Making it happen

As your Inspiration Day draws to a close, we make sure we have covered everything that is important to you so we can give you a roadmap for your project. After the day is finished, we will send you a completed Inspiration Day Pack. Before we do, it is always worth one final check to make sure no stone has been left unturned.


Your space

The home you live in right now has a major role to play in deciding what you want in the future. There will be good things and bad things about the spaces you live, eat and sleep in. We need to understand these and what’s missing so we can help you achieve that perfect home.


The vision starts to take shape

This is the point at which your dreams start to come to life. We will start hand-sketching individual ideas based on what you’ve already told us. With these design concepts down on paper, together we can explore some of the crucial details.


Your new home comes to life

This is the really fun bit! With all your ideas out of your head and onto paper, we bring it all together so you have a freehand sketch of what everything could look like when finished. Just imagine the feeling when you see your home brought to life in front of your eyes for the very first time.

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