From The Depths of Mud and Darkness

The Lotus flower (Nelumbo nucifera) embodies fertility and peace as well as a hidden lesson. Its common names are Sacred Lotus, Indian Lotus, and Sacred Water Lily. The Pink Lotus is the national flower of India. The Lotus is an aquatic perennial, native to southern Asia and Australia. It prospers in many climates across India and China where it is much beloved in water gardens. In Buddhism, a lotus bud symbolizes potential. A Lotus with eight petals represents cosmic harmony. The flower is truly sacred for many reasons.

Lotuses notably showcase vibrant shades of pink, while dabbling in white and purple hues. They thrive in murky waters. Emerging from darkness, they lodge roots in the mud and send out long stems. Their long stems contain air spaces to keep their flowers afloat. Sometimes even the leaves stay above water. The flower opens in the morning and shares its alluring aroma. The petals fall later in the afternoon.

When the plant’s fruits are ripe, the seed pod gradually falls toward the water and releases the seeds to their bidding. Gardeners who grow lotuses can winter over the plants if the pond depth is below the local freeze line, or they can store the tubers in a cool but frost-free location until late spring.

We can learn a valuable lesson from the lotus. In the depths of despair, we may feel stuck. The lotus manifests its purpose (to bloom) in the face of obstacles. In fact, the plant uses the darkness and the sticky mud to its advantage. It has learned to adapt to messy surroundings, journeying across several continents to share this way of life. Freely releasing its seeds into the clouded waters below, the flower survives with little help from a gardener. The seemingly delicate flower displays a strong example of resiliency. Beaming in full sunlight, it inspires onlookers to push forward, onward and upward.

You, too, can pursue your dreams and keep your head above water. Build a foundation and use challenges to your advantage. Let the seeds fall where they may, nurture them, and watch your project grow petal by petal.