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Put your project on the Right Track by getting the right advice upfront

We have developed a new service for people considering their new build eco-luxe home which is proving to be very popular.

Have you ever heard the term ‘on time and on budget’?

If not this concept is an important one. On time and on budget is a term used in all big projects – from construction to IT to building roads all big projects are trying to meet their targets.

The term refers to completing a project within the planned time frames and within the planned budget. Many times this does not happen, and for your project this is bad news.

There are many reasons projects might not come in ‘on time and on budget’ but by far the No 1 reason is lack of planning in the early phases. At some point during your new house build you are going to discover a way to make your dream home better. It could be a design change like increasing the height of your Living Rooms or switching Kitchen suppliers. It could be a window or door in a better place. Your lifestyle may necessitate a new room layout. It might be a design that saves you money or dramatically improves the live-ability of the spaces.

When short cuts are taken early on and people rush into the design phase then people do not discover all the options they had (or what they really wanted) until the concrete has been poured. Without getting a full Needs and Options Review conducted before the builders get on site home owners regularly short change their design and compromise their lifestyle.

That is why we created the Needs and Options Review – our Blueprint package

Now is the time

to realise your dream

Eliminate risk

The consequence of inadequate upfront research of needs and options is like building a house on bad foundations. The foundations are the most important part of the whole house because everything is built on top. Its very expensive to change the foundations once you have started to build on top of them. But very easy to change them if they are simply lines on a plan.

Why we are different

That’s what makes us different, we spend more time on the research than most other firms who rush their clients into the design phase because that is where they earn more money. We take a different approach. In fact we will only work with clients who are prepared to do the Needs and Options review properly. We will not rush this step. Taking short cuts only causes cost over runs later. If we take short cuts we don’t establish solid foundations.

The best for you

The Needs and Options Review is the most important step because it provides the foundational thinking that everything else builds upon. Once complete the valuable insights you gain from this first phase can be used by us or any other architect and will ultimately produce a better result for you.

The most cost effective time to

discover all your options is now!


‘Can I save money by not paying for a Blueprint?’ Of course you could skip this step or meet with someone who gives you a few ideas for free before rushing you into the design phase.
‘Not investing the time on a full Blueprint in depth can be the most expensive decision you make during your new build.

Your Blueprint To Success



  • Obtain a registered architect’s opinion on the feasibility of the project – one who is experienced in the type of project you’re facin This can be at our office for one hour or via telephone or webinar link.
  • Produce an outline brief that provides the “DNA for future work detailing rooms, connections, orientation etc…
  • Discuss potential solutions at a high level that encourages on going testing of ideas – DesignThinking”
  • Discuss the ‘look and feel’ of a potential scheme and the functional viability of the project and your ideas
  • Prepare ‘to scale’ sketch plan(s) of the preferred layout option.
  • Provide preliminary rough order of cost estimate of construction for budget usage with project planning pack and indicative timeline & budget strategy for all other fees and costs
  • You provide: existing site & background information, location plans, Council CD file, etc.
  • All travel costs included
  • Report includes our Service Menu which is a schedule of architects services and fee for the next stage of project – fixed fee basis
  • Keeping on track follow up telephone call by Mark within 3 days of Blueprint issue.

Suitable for: New builds on regular level plots, self builders or clients with time to commit to manage the process fully; SKIS



  • Initial meeting for 2 hours with Mark. This can be in a cafe or other middle meeting point.
  • You also provide a presentation as part of the meeting.…so homework required
  • Strategic sustainability opinion included
  • Explore(potential spatial relationships, connections & future proofing options
  • Clarify project aims & vision; themes & drivers
  • In addition to scaled plans will be all the freehand options considered and a 3D sketch of the preferred option. plus
  • Optional: Organise a  preliminary planning review (by specialist Planner at additional fee)
  • All premium services included

Suitable for: New builds within more demanding areas (eg conservation, coastal, AONB, riverside or densely populated); stronger interest in sustainability; clients with partial commitment to manage process; movers and shakers



  • Initial meeting with Mark for 4 hours in the comfort of your own home/plot or both.
  • In addition to the scaled sketches is a Computer generated image of your preferred option.
  • Plans committed to CAD to define proposed areas. plus
  • Optional: Organise preliminary planning review (by specialist Planner at additional fee)
  • All inspirational services included

Suitable for; new builds where clients have limited time available; sensitive sites; where design offering is unique and individual; celebrity lifestyle builders

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