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Working across three sectors has taught us that that success in each one engenders a common value..…good memories. We, therefore, value working closely with each client and developing a relationship of trust where good memories can be added to the built form…ultimately providing not just a house but a home (Living), a home from home (Learning) or a unique and joyful experience to take home (Leisure).

We see our work as an honest response to contemporary lifestyle with a healthy desire to maximise natural light (perhaps, some would say, to the point of obsession) and well being. Informed by context we really enjoy celebrating the everyday  – making connections between inside and outside spaces, create timeless places that celebrate views, changing weather or people going about their daily business.

However as our client’s aspirations have expanded we have developed our own ideas, tools, and working methods to encompass pressing social issues and the complex challenges of a global culture. Our approach to working with clients has become more agile. Its scope has broadened enormously, moving from a “traditional” and circumscribed intervention to a more “strategic” and omnipresent one. Lessons from each sector now inform others and pushing the envelope back, by directly engaging specialist disciplines such as Product, Spatial Designers and Makers, help us re-think and question our intent in the places we create, and elements we make , through visionary design.

Our trans-disciplinary approach offers an interaction opportunity for both ourselves and our clients to develop bespoke environments and find that new exclusive life experience.

Mark Muir

Creative Director

B. A. Hons; Dipl arch; RIBA

Mark is the Founder of Marmui Architecture. He has a particular interest in how the power of design can positively affect our everyday lifestyles and sit well in context.

Over the years Mark has worked with top designers and contractors around the world and has personally collaborated on landmark buildings of note internationally including public attractions, schools, mixed use urban developments and hotels as well as being a CABE Exemplar Designer and award winning architect in his own right.

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Mark Muir Architecture

Mark Muir Architecture is a creative, award winning design-led studio for when you are not willing to compromise on your dreams.

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